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As a brand we offer 36 years of hard nose experience coupled with the fact, we started off with one store, a very limited investment, a vision, hard work, a great concept, and went on to create the biggest Pakistani, Indian food chain in the world.

After opening over 100 franchise branches in most major cities in UK and a few stores in Europe, we landed a contract with the multiples. KO branded grilled products, both chilled and frozen were listed and sold in over 70 Morrison stores and 50 plus Bestway cash and carry stores across UK.

This has given us vast expertise at restaurant level as well as commercial food production facility settings, giving us a real insight into how to build a successful business.

 This sets us apart and is the telling difference between us and other franchises.

Currently we are offering three models of the franchise depending on the size, location and other determining factors, whilst keeping an eye on the changing customer needs in the food sector i.e. online ordering growth, digital marketing impacts etc.

Model 1


This franchise is our original model, under which we went on to open over hundred stores across UK and beyond.

This model is a conglomerate of grill foods, curries, and selections of desserts with varied choice of juices.

Given the scale of the menu this model is best suited for larger sites, offering more of a sit-down atmosphere in an exquisite yet modern setting with the benefit of a theatre style kitchen to complement the unique flavours and cooking methods.

This model caters for families, groups, corporates etc. and is therefore a larger operation, requiring a large team with restaurant skill set.

Required space is 2000sq ft or more.

Model 2

KO Express

This is a recently introduced model, directed towards the changing habits, and targeted mostly towards younger customers. This model is very much of a European ethos, offering selections of the original grill foods, which KO is famous for, along with selection of peri peri chicken items and burgers.  The curry dishes have been replaced with selected pastas, making it more streamline. The whole look ethos, and the feel of the place is very much in tune with The European brands.

This model type is much smaller in size and can be very successfully carried out from premises as small as 1000 to 1500 square feet.

Set up cost is smaller due to less machinery needed and once operational a lot less staff is required. It offers huge advantages in that, it is not as skilled set driven as most of the operation is through automation using machinery such as rational ovens, which in turn makes the operation less staff intensive.

 The setup cost is less due to it being a smaller operation requiring less machinery and smaller seating area.

Model 3


This concept is based around deliveries only.

In the recent years we have seen a huge shift in people enjoying food in the comfort of their homes and therefore having the food delivered. This set up is similar to model 2, except no seating area is provided. By choosing this KO model, you do not necessarily need to be in prime or even secondary location, this allows flexibility, and it is great for keeping running costs down.

Once again, more automation and less staff required. We feel with the current pandemic and other factors this is a great, smaller but highly effective model for newcomers with a smaller investment required. Required space 600sq ft going up to 1000sq ft.



Upon your preferred selection between the above-mentioned models, you the Client is required to find a suitable site. Our team will then make a site visit and subject to site approval we offer you a costing package along with time scales in converting your site into a KO store. This normally is a turn-key solution, giving you the Client a complete ready to start operation.



Depending on the model you decide to proceed with, licence fees are set and all relevant franchise documents, along with build contracts are signed.



Whilst your store is being built by our team of experts, we ask you the Client along with your designated team to come for training. The training is normally provided in one of our London stores, which also is a running business, providing the chance to practice learned skills in real restaurant environment.

This is one the most important part of our franchise, as the training provided, will cover all areas of the KO operations.

The duration is normally around 4 weeks during which, an intensive training is provided, covering areas of the business relating to food preparation, cooking processes, managerial skills, food safety, stock purchasing, customer service etc. The whole purpose of the training programme is to prepare you and your team on how to progressively build a successful business.

Upon successful completion of the training programme, your team will then be given the opportunity to put their skills to test with a live trial whilst under our supervision.



All relevant documentation have been signed, your KO store is ready, your staff is trained, all necessary food materials stocks have been purchased.

The opening date is finalised backed up with a strong local marketing campaign using all marketing tools available i.e., leaflets, tv commercials, radio, and various social media marketing platforms.

During this crucial opening / launch period our more experienced staff will be made available to assist you in getting the business to a smooth start, of course this is only a temporary measure, but one we feel is necessary, symbiotically speaking.


What People are Saying

“Great Service, Fantastic Food”

“Myself and my whole family have been KO customers for many years, warm welcome, great service, fantastic food, quite simply our favourite food.”

Dacosta Family

“Fabulous Food & Flawless Service”

“Simply the best food in town.”


“A Unique Place”

“Combination of good taste, fantastic ambiance, great service. I have been a customer for over 25 years. The food is great.”


“Proven Formula For Success”

“Why have we taken KO franchise?

Firstly, franchising allows bigger businesses to branch out and grow, it also gave us an opportunity to run our own business with a help and support of a larger company, who has established a proven formula for success.

Having gone down this route, our business has become very successful, and the brand name is also well known. It gave us independence with guidance and boosted our knowledge and experience of running the business with a support of a franchisor.”

Luton K.O

“Best Business Investment In The World!”

“Me and my partner, who had no previous restaurant experience, decided to take the KO franchise some 18 years ago, we feel this was without doubt the best decision we ever made. During this period, we found KO brand a pleasure to work with, their support has been unparallel along with the food which we feel is the finest Pakistani food in UK. We are currently looking to secure our second location in London due to our success.

With their extensive experience and a winning formula, we would recommend the KO franchise to anyone looking to go into food business, it is a brand you can unequivocally trust and rely on.”

Gants Hill K.O

“A Great Find”

“After visiting a few of the KO branches in London, especially the Seven Kings and Gants Hill, I am confident in saying that they do the best food and curries. The flavours are authentic, fresh and spices are well balanced. The freshly baked nans and delicious sauces complement the food very well. It has been my regular takeaway for years now and honestly no other restaurant even comes close. Try it!.”


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